Caregiver Shortage Crisis – Community Summit

The first community summit to address the caregiver shortage crises in Jefferson County will be held May 22nd, 2-4 PM, at the Port Townsend Community Center – 621 Tyler Street. The goal of the summit is to collectively define solutions to the shortage of caregivers available for our aging population.  

A Shortage of Caregivers and an Aging Population

There is a wave of baby boomers reaching old age and impacting senior care in a way that is metaphorically referred to as the “silver tsunami.” The statistics are  unprecedented – we are witnessing a new demographic in which the old outnumber the young. This is particularly evident in Jefferson County with the oldest median age in the state and the ninth oldest in the country. Between now and 2030, the age 80+ demographic will increase by 79%, while the age 45-64 population (the most common age for caregivers) will increase by just 1%. This historical shortage of caregivers is impacting our ability to respond to the growing needs of our aging population.  

Community Solutions

The summit has been organized to engage community expertise in finding permanent solutions that ensure the future care of our elders and those in need of care. Invited are city, county, and state officials as well as social, economic, health, and educational foundations and agencies.  For more information call (360) 385-9664. 


Introduction - Heather Frank, RN

The Joy of Caregiving – Laura Pollina

What is the Urgency – Kippi Waters

Peer Group Breakout

·         Learning in Place

·         Rebranding Caregiving as a Viable Profession

·         Community-Based Hospice

Wrap-Up and Next Steps

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