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Now is the time to begin a career in caregiving!

What’s the Urgency? For the first time in recorded history the old outnumber the young.  In fact, the fastest growing demographic is 65 years and older. Consequently, our nation is experiencing a perilous shortage of caregivers – simply put, there are not enough caregivers to meet the growing needs of the nation’s rapidly aging population.  This shortage is felt deeply here at home in Jefferson County – the oldest county in the state and fifth oldest in the nation. 

Job Security: The need for caregivers will only increase with time.  It is estimated the U.S. will need 2 million new professional caregivers every year to keep up with the growing demand. 

Training and Licensure: State law requires that caregivers are trained and licensed as a Home Care Aid (H.C.A.) or a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.). New hires have 120 days to complete 75 hours of H.C.A. training, and an additional 80 days to pass the state test and secure their license.  Our new caregivers use an online source for training.  The total cost is approximately $500.

The Cooperative Advantage: The caregiver-owned model for home care agencies provides dignified, exciting and sustainable careers.  At Peninsula Homecare, caregivers own the business.   We set policy and make decisions for the best possible care of our clients, and without corporate overhead, we share generous profits. 

Membership: Membership into PHC is both a privilege and responsibility.  Caregivers are invited to apply for membership after 6 months of employment.  We have a comprehensive list of membership requirements to ensure caregivers understand the business and are engaged as owners.  Once you are a member you will be an active participant in a democratic workplace:

  • Have your voice heard in important organizational decisions

  • Participate in annual nominations and elections

  • Run for the board of directors and

  • Enjoy profit sharing.

Culture of PHC: Peninsula Homecare Cooperative has been in business since 2016.   In that time, we have established ourselves as the premier home care agency in our community.  We meet once a month to support one another, refine our skills and review the best policies for our caregivers and clients.  The camaraderie, personal empowerment and exceptional care we have created far exceeds are initial vision.   We are excited to welcome new people into our cooperative.

Next Steps: Fill out an application.  Be sure to include references.